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Constitución gallery is a project run by the artist Antonio Villa and Martín Fernández, inaugurated in november 2017. We focus on generating contact and visibility situation for contemporary artist. Since our inauguration, and during 2018 we have been located in a bassement in the San Cristobal neighborhood, at the Constitución street, hence our name.

Currently we are located in a manor house at La Boca, which also functions as our home. The main hall is our exhibition room; the rest of the house - kitchen, rooms, dressing room -, our backshop. We propose to inhabit spaces as they are. In theyr domesticity and intimated scale.

We represent ten artist: Alfredo Frías, Catalina Oz, Alberto Passolini, Carlos Cima, Josefina Alen, Alfredo Dufour, Micaela Piñero and the both of us. We focus especially at contemporary painting, in spite of this, the repertoire of practices has a wide range: performance, writing, pottery, crafts and video. Activations of the exhibitions are linked to literature, especially poetry and contemporary playwriting.